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We offer a blend of leagues to fit all needs from recreation to competitive, from grass to turf and a recently added corporate league

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Men’s Over 35
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  Recreational to competitive, we have your game
Beyond the Game (BTG) is a recreational/amateur adult soccer league based in Santa Clara Valley/San Jose area. BTG is committed to delivering a high quality, fun & social soccer experience for our members. Games cater for those looking for a quality fun outdoor experience lasting usually 90 minutes, supported by typically two referees. You can choose between a variety of league formats from recreational to competitive but each one comes with a BTG commitment of a great soccer experience.

Players for players administer our league. John Tom has over 30 years playing and operational league management experience in the Bay Area. As the fall season kicks off we will be adding to the site so come regularly for league and your teams updates.

Seasons are typically 10 games in duration and we run 3-4 seasons per year

2 qualified referees administer each game.

Where we play
Depending on the team you play with, games are held on both turf and grass. A full list of locations can be found here.

When we play
We'll publish this information soon!

How do I join a team?
Just email us at playnow@beyondthegame.us and we will help source a team for you, then register to become a member of BTG.