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    Mosquitoes FC Fall 2022 D1 Champions

    Spring 2022 Turf Open Champions - Shoreline FC
    Winter 2022 Turf O35 D1 Champions WV Strikers

    Winter 2022 Turf O35 D1 Champions WV Strikers

    Winter 2022 Turf Open D1 Champions FC Santa Clara

    Winter 2022 Turf Open D1 Champions FC Santa Clara

    Fall 2021 Turf Open Champions - FC San Jose

    Fall 2021 Turf Over 35 Champions - AGAVE

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      Beyond The Game

      Beyond the Game is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to hosting a recreational/amateur adult soccer league based in Santa Clara Valley/San Jose area. BTG is committed to delivering a high quality, fun & social soccer experience for our members. Games cater for those looking for a quality fun outdoor experience lasting usually 90 minutes, supported by typically two referees. You can choose between a variety of league formats from recreational to competitive but each one comes with a BTG commitment of a great soccer experience.

      Seasons are typically 10 games in duration and we run 3-4 seasons per year 

      2 qualified referees administer each game.

      Where we play:
      Depending on the team you play with, games are held on both turf and grass. Click on the league you are interested and joining, then select "Info".

      When we play:
      We offer many divisions. Mens Turf & Grass (11v11) that kick off on Sunday's. We are currently not playing our corporate or COED divisions at this time.

      How do I join a team?
      Just email us at and we will help source a team for you.

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